DC Municipal Consulting & University of Kansas  Public Management Center Partnership

 What's the Emerging Leaders Academy (ELA) and why would you consider it for one of your rising stars?  ELA is designed to assist public organizations in preparing and supporting public employees for future leadership roles. The focus of the ELA is one of leadership and personal growth. Participants study a wide variety of topics including the neuroscience of leadership, the importance of listening and acknowledgment, equity and inclusion, communicating up the chain of command effectively, and more.

The nine-day program will include five in-person days and four online days.  The in-person days will be held at the City of Richardson IQ Headquarters and will include local practitioners.  The online days will be led by program staff and will include many of the great academic minds of University of Kansas's Public Policy and Administration Department. 

To find out more or to register,  visit https://learn.ku.edu/dallasela.  

Fall 2023 Graduation