Services and Clients

DC Municipal Consulting (DCMC) was formed in August of 2017 as a women-owned firm specializing in consulting for local governments. DCMC has completed projects focusing on Leadership Development, Human Resource Management, Executive Recruitment, Compensation and Pay Plan Development, Policy Development, and Organizational Development

At DCMC, we pride ourselves on providing professional, customized services to all of our clients. As a small firm, we can dedicate our expertise to your project and have the ability to work closely with you to ensure that all of the client’s needs are met.  Our scope of work is based upon your timeline, and allows for flexibility throughout a project’s life.

Types of Services

DCMC has partnered with over 14 cities to ensure that their employees were being competitively paid for the value of the services provided.  Projects range from conducting a full market study and developing  new pay plans for all employees to studying  the market and recommending placement of positions on the city's current plan.  DCMC also works to provide transition costs for new plans or adjustments. DCMC has provided benefit summaries, incentive/certifcation pay and policies review. 

DCMC brings expert knowledge of executive recruitment.  DCMC will work with each city to determine the goals and needs of a position and work to create a process to hire the best candidate. Successful placements include:

DCMC has knowledge and experience developing performance evaluation tools that meet the needs of each community.  From 360 performance review surveys to annual performance evaluations, DCMC is able to design a tool that works for your managers and trains (video or in-person) them on how to use it to ensure equitable and consistent implementation.

DCMC understands the importance of having solid personnel policies in place to safeguard the city and the employees. DCMC has created comprehensive employee manuals and has also updated targeted sections of manuals while working with Human Resources professionals to ensure that the policies are followed and interpreted consistently across the organization.

DCMC has helped cities and private sector entities by drafting job descriptions.  DCMC understands municipal government and its diverse employee group and is able to write meaningful descriptions to help set expecations  for supervisors and employees.  

DCMC has experience in all areas of local government and has had the opportunity to conduct organizational assessments, provide employee coaching and assist with grant requests.  

Our Clients